Interview Process


During the interview, you are communicating not only the requirements of the position, but also the "value proposition" (salary, benefits, prestige) of working at San José State University:

  • Ensure a positive experience by following a fair and timely process for all
  • Conduct interviews in a one or two day period to keep candidates fresh in your memory

There may be times when more than one level of interview is appropriate:

  • Telephone Interviews: These can help narrow a large pool of applicants or provide a screening tool when candidates are not living in the Bay Area, remember, if you conduct a telephone interview for one candidate, you will need to conduct telephone interviews for all candidates
  • In-person Interviews: This is the most common type of interview
  • Public Forums: Managerial positions often involve public forms in addition to in-person interviews
  • Live Scan: This is a fingerprinting process conducted on the day of the interview, current university employees are exempt from this process

We strongly urge the Committee Chair to meet with the Workforce Planning Analyst to further discuss the interview process and the required forms to be completed.