Our goal is to provide the support you need to make a smooth transition into our degree, discover your untapped talent, and graduate with the skills and knowledge you will need to pursue your dreams.

Below is the Spring 2018 semester academic advising schedule. 

Starting Spring 2018 semester, students will be assigned an academic advisor based on the first letter of their last name. Please refer to the following table to find who your advisor is.

Please email your advisor to schedule an appointment.

First letter of last name


E-mail/Phone Number


A – E

Dr. Dan Cormany

(408) 924 2200


F – K

Minor and change major advising

Dr. Jooyeon Ha

(408) 924 2100


L - M

Dr. Michelle Huang

(408) 924 3274


N - S

Dr. Tsu-Hong Yen

(408) 924 3292


T - Z

Dr. Faranak Memarzadeh

(408) 924 7487


Current Undergraduate & Graduate Students:

When you have a question, check in with our Department Chair or email us at for assistance.

New Undergraduate Students:

To get started,  check in with our Department Chair or email us at for direction on who to contact to set up an appointment. At that meeting you'll get details about the program along with information to facilitate progress to graduation. Whether you are transferring from another SJSU major, another College, or you're just beginning your studies here at SJSU, we will guide and assist you in achieving your goals.


Student Preparation for Advising Meetings:

(Appointment will be re-scheduled if materials are not present)

  • PRINTED copy of unofficial transcript from your MySJSU page.
    Note: Bring copies of all course work completed outside of SJSU that you want considered for use in HSPM or declared minor.
  • Advising document for your declared major filled in with the HSPM courses with the semester and grade noted on the form. Using the academic calendar at the end of the document to project your future courses.
    Note: It is your responsibility, not your advisors to keep track of your progress toward your degree.

Advisors will verify your path to degree completion once you provide the materials above.

HSPM Advisors are available to meet with students during the Fall and Spring semesters prior to final exam week.

Students who fail to schedule an appointment during the academic year will need to re-schedule an appointment for the next regular term.


General Education Advising:

All tracking of general education units (freshman/sophomore) and SJSU Studies (Area R, S, & V) are the responsibility of the student.

It is the students' responsibility to make advising appointments with the staff of the Academic Advising & Retention Services for GE Advising. They are located in the Student Services Center on 9 th and San Fernando. Note: HSPM advisors are not responsible for GE advising or approving of GE coursework completion.

The advising hub is another useful link and is “the place” for useful information as you navigate your academic journey during your time at SJSU.

CASA Student Success Center:

The Student Success Center in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) provides advising for undergraduate students majoring or wanting to major in programs offered in CASA Departments and Schools.

All CASA students and students who would like to be in CASA are invited to stop by the Center for general education advising, help with changing majors, academic policy related questions, meeting with peer advisors, and/or attending various regularly scheduled presentations and workshops. Looking for academic advice or maybe just some tips about how to navigate your way around SJSU? Check out the CASA Student Success Center! It’s also a great place to study, and you can check out laptops.

Location: MacQuarrie Hall (MH) 533
Phone: 408-924-2910


Graduation Information:

Priority Deadlines

  • August and December Graduations: Applications due May 1st of the current calendar year. We encourage you to apply one year in advance of the graduation date, if you have completed 90 semester units.
  • May Graduation: Applications due October 1st of the preceding year, if you have completed 90 semester units.