Hospitality Internship Information

HSPM 191A Internship Coordinator


HSPM 191B Internship Coordinator

Hospitality Tourism & Event Management

A combination of two internship experiences (191A-200 hours & 191B-300 hours) provide for experiences of increasing complexity in a wide array of settings. Careful attention is paid to matching internship placement with future career goals. Check SpartaJobs to find an internship opportunity here in the area.

  • 2 Unit Internship (HSPM 191A)
  • 3 Unit Internship (HSPM 191B)

After you have approval, complete the paperwork below:

Student Internship Application

University - Organization Agreement

Finally, at the start of the semester, if you are registered for an internship, attend the meeting convened by your internship coordinator. This is typically a 2 hour meeting the day before classes start each semester.