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The Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) student chapter at SJSU was established in 2012. The HFTP organization is an international society for financial and technology professionals who work in the hospitality industry with titles such as general manager, controller, consultant, Director of IT, and accountant. The student chapter at SJSU gives our students access to connect with over 4,500 industry professionals in the areas of hotels, clubs, resorts, restaurants and more. Our student chapter organizes industry guest talk, flied study at hospitality technology companies, professional training and job seeking assistance. Student members benefit from financial support to attend professional development conferences and events. Also, student members have access to benefits that keep them up-to-date with today's business practices and help them address challenges specific to hospitality finance and technology.


The Chapter advisor is Dr. Michelle Huang.

For more information, please connect with SJSU HFTP Student Chapter Facebook!