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 11/1/18  General Hospitality Instawork 

Gig  Worker 

This is a perfect opportunity for students and especially Culinary or Hospitality students, who may be interested in this field or who may already have previous experience!This position offers temporary, flexible, and on demand work opportunities, in local kitchens, restaurants, events and more!

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General Event

Testa Rossa Event Sales Assistant

This position is fulltime, Monday – Friday, with occasional weekends required. The full-time Event Sales Assistant position reports to the Event Sales Manager while also taking direction from other staff as required

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Event Management  San Jose Womens Club Event Captian

Hourly, part time position monitoring paid rental events at The San Jose Woman’s Club.

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 4/20/18 General Event  Management  Shiloh Events Event Intern 

We are looking to hire an Event Intern to assist with event planning efforts by providing event coordination and planning support for a variety of events.

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