How to Apply for Graduation


Department Convocation

Please contact your Graduation Evaluator regarding your degree/diploma.
Note: Please look for CASA assigned Evaluator.

Undergraduate Students

Complete (signed by your advisor) and turn in your HSPM major form to the department office 1 year in advance of the date you plan to graduate. This will help us with scheduling of courses.


Hospitality Management Baccalaureate Students

  • Meet with an Advisor from Business Student Advisement Center, BBC 008 to complete your minor form. Your official form will be sealed in an envelope.
  • Fill out your HSPM major form entirely. For classes taken during the filing semester, put IP (in progress) for grades. For classes taken after the filing date, use semester and year for grades (for example Fall07=F07, Spring08=S08).
  • Make an appointment to see your assigned HSPM Advisor.
    • Bring attached to your major form a copy of your signed Business minor form and unofficial transcripts.
    • The Advisor will go through the major form with you and answer any questions you have related to graduation.
    • Once signed by your advisor, you should bring all materials to the HSPM office for the chair to review and sign. Plan on at least 48 hours for your form to be signed by the Chair.
  • Once your form is signed, you will receive a sealed envelope for HSPM staff to be turned into Undergraduate Studies. It is your responsibility to turn in:
  1. SJSU Graduation Application
  2. Signed and sealed major form
  3. Signed and sealed minor form