Computer Hardware

Computer age

If your computer is more than 3 years old we strongly suggest investing in new equipment. While older systems will work, they may be extremely limited in their ability to manage multiple programs, as well as at maintaining Internet connectivity during class sessions.

Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet?

Given the capabilities of machines on the market today, the choice between desktop or laptop is more a matter of personal preference. Netbooks or tablet should not be used as your main computer due to their slower processor speed and lack of storage space. Additionally, tablets will not work with your online classroom platform and certain software programs required for specific courses.

Mac or PC?

Stick with what you are comfortable with and can afford. If you decide to use a Mac, it must be PC enabled. Various programs exist to allow you to run your Mac in PC mode. Newer Macs come pre-installed with Boot Camp, a program that allows you to run a Windows “PC like” environment. Others options exist if you would prefer to run both operating systems (Mac & PC) at the same time.

Operating System  

Both Mac and PC operating systems will work. Windows 10 is preferred over Windows 7 or 8 for PCs. As a student you can purchase upgrades to your current system through the SJSU bookstore

RAM (Random Access Memory)

A minimum of 2GB RAM is necessary to be able to stay fully engaged during class, but you may run into problems once you start opening multiple files, including the Blackboard Collaborate framework (our digital classroom). We suggest 4-8GB.

Hard Drive

A minimum 250-500 GB hard drive is needed to accommodate the multiple files and program that you will be working with. External hard drives, or cloud drives (such as Google Drive or can also be used to store files when not using them.

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