Program Learning Outcomes

The Bachelors of Science in Recreation at San Jose State University

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO 1     FOCUS: Conceptual. Professional. Delivery. Admin/Mgmt.Legal.

  • Graduates will demonstrate summative knowledge and skills across the core curriculum integrating the standards of the Recreation profession within the context of a rapidly changing world. (knowledge)
    • Learners will pass (at an 80% level or higher) a summative core curriculum exam administered during their required Pre-Internship Workshop.

PLO 2     FOCUS: Programming. Events.  

  • Graduates will plan, implement, and evaluate a recreation program or special events that are inclusive, culturally grounded and sensitive to diverse populations. (knowledge and skills)
    • Learners will design a written program plan, implement a component of the plan, and evaluate both the implementation outcome and the designers’ performance.

PLO 3     FOCUS: Budgets. Finance.          

  • Graduates will demonstrate budgeting and financial skills in the framework of sustainability and ethical stewardship (knowledge and skills)        
    • Learners will prepare electronic spread sheets calculating an operating budget, and/or a pricing plan supporting facility funding, in a manner consistent with professional guidelines and practice.

PLO 4     FOCUS: Field Aspects. Internships.         

  • Graduates will demonstrate professional behavior and competencies in the framework of ethics, personal and social responsibility (knowledge, skills and decorum)             
    • Learners will successfully demonstrate professional behaviors, and from 6 to 10 approved national-standards-based competencies as evaluated by their external agency supervisors.

PLO 5     FOCUS: Professional Communication (written).               

  • Graduates will demonstrate proficient and professional written communication keeping in mind the global communities they will be working in. (knowledge and skills)       
    • Learners will produce persuasive, summative, and critically written documents which reflect professional guidelines and standards.