Change of Major and Impact Criteria

Change of Major Policy and Criteria.

The Department of Health Science and Recreation offers a B.S. Recreation degree along with two optional concentrations:

1) Recreation Management

2) Recreation Therapy.

The recreation degree program is “impacted” which means there is a capacity limit in the number of majors that can be admitted to a program. 

Current SJSU undergraduate students seeking to change their major to the Recreation degree need to know some things before applying to enter the major:

• The priority for entering the major first goes to new freshman and transfer students who meet the impaction criteria for admission to the major at the start of the fall semester.  Once the number of new freshman and transfer students is accommodated, the remainder of available impaction space in the major will be reserved for current SJSU students who desire a change of major.  The available space will vary every semester based on current enrollments and by each concentration area (REC MGT / REC TX).  We also want a balanced diversity of recreation majors and will seek to keep program numbers balanced.

• Declaring Recreation is very competitive - based on the amount of available impaction space and which concentration area a student seeks.  The amount of available space (for any coming semester) is determined at the end of each term based on the number of graduates and number returning students pre-registered.

NOTE: The Recreation degree admits change of major students into the major twice a year, on June 10 and the Jan 10.  Students may submit applications as follows:

  • Spring semester applications accepted between Sept 1 and Jan 10.
  • Fall semester applications accepted between Feb 1 and June 10.

Applications received within each submission period will be ranked based upon GPA. Students who have been accepted will be contacted by email regarding their application status within 10 business days of the two cut off dates (make sure your email address is up to date).

Application Process:  Current SJSU students, who desire to apply for a change of major to recreation (or one of the two concentrations), must meet the following minimal qualifications:

Students less than 60 units total (Freshman and Sophomores)

  1. Pass ENGL 1B or the equivalent
  2. Establish an SJSU GPA of at least 2.5 (for at least 12 units).

Eligible to or already enrolled in:

  1. HS 74 – Healthy Communities (pre-req)
  2. RECL 90 – Foundations of Recreation, Parks and Tourism (core course)


Students with greater than 60 units (Juniors and Seniors)

  1. Pass (ENGL 1B) or the equivalent
  2. Pass the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST)
  3. Proof of an established SJSU GPA of at least 2.5 (for at least 12 units).  

Eligible to or already enrolled in:

  1. HS 74 – Healthy Communities (pre-req)
  2. RECL 90 – Foundations of Recreation, Parks and Tourism (core course)

Once the criteria above has been attained, the student should formally apply by submit the following paperwork to the Health Science and Recreation Department main office (Macquarie Hall 407)


Atyped Change of Major form ( ).

Be clear about your intention of major – indicate you are applying for the

1) B.S. recreation degree (no concentration)

2) B.S. recreation degree (Recreation Therapy concentration)

3) B.S. recreation degree (Recreation Management concentration)


NOTE: Students with greater than 90 units will need to secure two additional signatures on the change of major form - - the CASA College Associate Dean's signature and approval from AARS (Academic Advising and Retention Services) are required.

Decision Process and Communication:  

  1. Applications received within each submission period will be ranked. We will contact you within 10 business days of the cut-off date if you have been accepted.
  2. Contact will be by email or phone, so be sure you have entered an e-mail and phone number you check frequently. Print your information on the from – write clearly and correctly in order to receive communication.
  • Have a back-up plan!  Utilize the CASA Success Center staff as mentors in your decision process. Their offices are located in MacQuarrie Hall #533


November 1, 2013