Recreation Program Internships

Recreation Internships

For internships as well as career placement, our Department has developed a strong partnership with the career center. The place where the community looks for SpartaJobs employees/interns and the place where you can look for internships and jobs is . This is a web-based resource. Completely searchable and designed to make it easy for students to find and make connections with community employers. The career center also has numerous workshops and materials related to both internships and jobs.

Recreation Internship Information 

The 100 hour practicum followed by a full time internship (480 Rec/Rec Mgt and 560 for Rec Therapy) is designed to give the recreation student on-the-job experience. Supervision during the internship is Check SpartaJobs provided by the university and agency. to find an internship opportunity here in the area. Check below for additional opportunities:

Plan ahead. If you have a specific area or location where you would like to complete your internship it may take planning a year in advance. Certainly, don't wait any longer than the semester before you intend to register for an internship to search for and secure one. This is a self-directed, at times challenging, yet very rewarding activity. It is a time to search for an opportunity to both apply what you've learned in an area related to your career goals and an opportunity to learn 1st hand from those currently working in your field of interest. Once you have identified a potential internship opportunity meet with your internship coordinator to obtain approval to use that site/situation for an internship.

After you have approval, complete the paperwork found in your internship packet:

RECL 170B Syllabus

RECL 170C Syllabus

Finally, at the start of the semester, if you are registered for an internship, attend the meeting convened by your internship coordinator. This is typically a 2 hour meeting the day before classes start each semester.