Health Science as a Major


Health Science as a Major

 If you choose to pursue a B.S. in Health Science, you will join a group of students dedicated to documenting, monitoring, assessing, and improving the health of all communities, especially those that are marginalized. Please review the three pathways to earn a B.S. in Health Science.  Each one has a specific focus and will provide you with different educational opportunities. 

If you are currently “assigned undeclared” or a student in another major at SJSU who wants to apply to Health Science as a major, please read the information on program impaction. 

Impaction Criteria:

The Health Science degree program is “impacted” which means there is a capacity limit in the number of majors that can be admitted to a program.

Students who would like to apply must meet the following prior to applying:

  • Must have completed 12 units at SJSU
  • Minimum GPA of 2.6