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Erin Enguerro, Humanities Honors alumna and Humanities minor, to be recognized in the 54th Annual Honors Convocation


Students of AMS 159, Nature and World Culture, taught by Prof. Pfeiffer, makes the news in Al Jazeera  (pdf)

The New York Times

The Opinion Pages| Op-Ed Contributor

Don’t Turn Away From the Art of Life

Guest Lecture: "New Light on Old Chinese Temples in CA" March 16, 7pm (pdf)


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HUM Club Pizza Party Oct 2015

11th HumHonors Reunion 2015

Cervantes Anniversary


Fall 2015 CA100W Class-Sponsored Event: "I Scream for Ice Cream"(jpg)

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Scot Guenter: 2015 Distinguished Service Award


STEM Careers in Silicon Valley: What Is It All About

February 26, Thursday in CL 412 from 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Special guests working in STEM careers and SJSU faculty will host this informational meeting.  

  • What STEM work possibilities are there?
  • What is the role of general education in STEM careers?
  • Diversity and cultural awareness?

This event is sponsored by the African-American and Chican@-Latin@ Student Success Task Forces and organized by the Department of African-American Studies and the Humanities Honors Program at SJSU.

New Scholarships and Endowments

Feb. 2, 2015

The Lawson Family has established a new $150,000 endowment to award scholarships to students in the Humanities Honors Program.  This is in addition to the Lawson endowment.All of these were made possible with the help of Prof. Cynthia Rostankowski, coordinator of the Humanities Honors program.

Chair Chris Jochim met with Prof. Ray Chen, EE Department Chair, Dean Lisa Vollendorf,  and representatives of the Avatamsaka Buddhist Lotus Society (ABLS, Milpitas and Taipei, Taiwan) to receive $30,000 to support the study of Buddhism.  The draft MOU states: "The endowment will support faculty doing research as well as students studying Buddhism in courses related to humanities, philosophy, religious studies, or related fields as well as support programming related to Buddhist studies, including Hua-yen [Avatamsaka] studies (such as public lectures, symposia, purchase of books, and other activities)."

Cooperative activities already began this past weekend, Jan. 31, with three SJSU faculty and one from the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS, Berkeley) doing a panel on Buddhism in America (Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese Americans) for an international conference at the ABLS center in Milpitas.  Prof. Jochim convened the panel; Prof. Todd Perreira was one of three excellent presenters, along with Prof. Hien Do (Asian American Studies, SJSU) and Scott Mitchell of IBS.

Check from AvatamsakaBuddhist Lotus Society


 Indonesian Literature 9.29.15