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New Curriculum: HUM 177A-HUM 177B  Advanced Honors in Integrated Science, Social Science and Humanities

The Humanities Department is pleased to offer an upper division Honors Program designed for students of all majors beginning in Fall 2014.  This year-long course will fulfill SJSU Studies areas R, S, and V by taking one six-unit course in the fall and another three-unit concluding course in spring.  This is a team-taught course sequence and the group of three professors works with its cohort of students over a one-year period. 

To be a part of HUM 177A-HUM177B, Advance Honors, students must meet certain qualifications as follows:

1- successful completion of all lower division core general education courses (39 units);

2- all-college GPA of 3.0 or higher;

3- passing the Writing Skills Test (WST);

4- enrolling in the 100W, Area Z requirement for the major, concurrent with HUM 177A.

To get more information, e-mail, or phone Prof. Cynthia Rostankowski at 408-924-4508 or visit her at Clark Hall 441.