Deep Humanities & Arts Fall 2019 Events

A lecture series examining the role of Robots in the creative production of the built environment (Design)

  • Matter Design Computation with Cornell University's Jenny Sabin (ART 133)

Date: September 17 2019 @ 5 PM

  • From Hand to Mouth with Lawrence Technological University's Karl Daubman (ART 133)

Date: September 24, 2019 @ 5:PM

Description: The advent of robotics in the creative and construction industries is leading to new paradigms in the way we build the world, changing not only how the built environment is designed and made, but also transforming knowledge cultures, policies and politics, and labor issues. This lecture series will examine the role of robots used in creative industries, including the arts, design, and architecture. 

Guest speakers share novel insights based on their own research and experience working with robots to build art installations, interiors, and buildings.

The Democracy Project (Art & Art History)

Date: October 10 2019 @ 7:00 PM

Description: According to many voters worldwide, democratic political systems are no longer working. Might the solution be to engineer politicians out of the system? Artist and experimental philosopher Jonathan Keats discusses the implications of robotic democracy and his current collaboration with SJSU students to design and fabricate an interface that will visualize legislation passing through digital governmental bodies.

Deep Humanities & Arts for Socially Responsible Technology (English & Comparative Literature)

Date: TBD

Description: A one-day themed hackathon on “Deep Humanities for Socially Responsible Technology” where students and professionals will come together to work intensely on solving specific problems. 

Students and faculty from the Colleges of Humanities and the Arts, Engineering, and Science exchange ideas, tools, solutions with invited Silicon Valley artists/authors/hackers in order to build multimodal design projects that teach STEM students about humanistic methods of reasoning and artistic modes of messaging for developing socially responsible technologies.