H&A Marketing and Communications

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Who We Are

The H&A Marketing and Communications Team is a division of the College of Humanities and the Arts supporting the College and the Hammer Theatre. Managed by the Director of Marketing and Communications, the team is a student-staffed incubator that provides pre-professional marketing training and project work for SJSU students in five areas – digital marketing, editorial, graphic design, media, and web. Our team fosters partnerships with the College and Hammer Theatre to promote programs and events via various marketing services. Each division of the team is specialized to produce effective project-specific marketing solutions to efficiently accomplish the client’s marketing goals.

What We Do

Web – Website Development, Design, and Maintenance

  • Partner with Marketing Director to design, build, and update College and Hammer websites

  • Upload marketing materials such as newsletters, email blasts, and media to applicable websites

  • Ensure ADA accessibility compliance

Graphic Design – Graphic Design for Branding and Marketing Materials

  • Design promotional materials including posters, postcards, brochures, and t-shirts

  • Create accompanying graphics for H&A and Hammer Theatre marketing purposes

Editorial – Copy Editing and Content Management

  • Create and maintain written marketing materials, including copy and layout for ads, brochures, and web-based projects

Media – Photos and Videos

  • Take and edit photos and/or videos of H&A and Hammer Theatre events

  • Create media projects to support college branding, identity, and event marketing efforts

Digital Marketing – Media Management and Research

  • Content creation and account management across multiple media platforms
  • Research and outreach on events and promotions
  • Advertisements and campaigns



Sheryl Spann

Sheryl G. Spann
Director of Marketing and Communications

Graphic Designers

Minjee Kim Graphic Design

Minjee Kim
BA Design Studies, '18

Rachel Lee Graphic Design

Rachel Lee
BFA Graphic Design, '20

Michael Jarrett Photographer

Yanni Ma
BFA Graphic Design, '19


Web Developers

Karl Lapuz Web Dev

Karl Adrian Lapuz
BS Computer Science, '19

Vivian Hoang Web Dev

Vivian Hoang 
BS Computer Science, '19

Manpreet Singh Web Dev

Manpreet Singh 
BS Software Engineering, '20

Digital Marketing

 Sharon Tsang Digital Marketing

Sharon Tsang
BS Business Marketing, '18

 Anne Coleman Digital Marketing

Anne Coleman
BS Advertising, '19


Jiahui Jack Zhen Media

Jiahui Jack Zhen
BA Design Studies, '18

Michael Jarrett Photographer

Nanzi Muro
BFA Photography, '19

Emily Fong Media

Emily Fong
BA Digital Arts, '19



Cristina Shannon Editor

Cristina Shannon
BA English, '19

 Derrick Truong Editor Derick Truong

Simon Tran Editor

Simon Tran
BA English, '18