Activate MySJSU

Activate your MySJSU Account

Thank you for submitting an application to SJSU! SJSU uses MySJSU as the formal method of communication during the admission and enrollment process. It is your responsibility to check your MySJSU frequently.

Look for an Email with Your SJSU ID 

About 10 business days after applying at, you will receive an email with your nine-digit SJSU ID included. This nine-digit number will be your primary university identification throughout your career at SJSU. This email often gets sent to spam filters, so be sure the spam filters on your email account are set to accept email from If 10 days has passed and you can not find your ID number in your email or spam folder, you can use the SJSU ID Lookup Tool to find your SJSU ID number.

Set the Password to Access Your MySJSU Account (and SJSUone wireless account on campus)

You can learn about setting up your Password on the Password Help page.

Sign in to Your MySJSU Student Account

Click on the blue "MySJSU Sign In" link and enter your nine-digit SJSU ID and the password you created. Make sure your personal information is current-your email address is critical!

Check your MySJSU Account Frequently 

Check your MySJSU account at least once a week for important and timely notices, such as admission, fees, financial aid, enrollment appointment, test, and transcript information and deadlines.