International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

International Student & Scholar Services(ISSS) centralizes immigration advising resources and co-curricular support programming for international students and scholars on campus. Our goal is to serve the needs of our international students and scholars and to enhance their experience in the United States and to integrate them into our community, while also contributing to their success during their tenure at SJSU and beyond .

Updates on Immigration Policy Changes

News & Updates

  • USCIS Scam Alert -- This scam involves impostors posing as representatives of USCIS who will call you and claim to know much of your personal information, including your Social Security Number. They will then ask you to fill out an Ar-11 form, as well as additional forms.  Scam callers have also asked for the last 4 digits of the victim's SSN, in addition to other personal information such as physical address. Please hang up the call immediately and block their number. You can report this to the FBI as well. 
  • Social Security Scam Alert -- Recently, students have been receiving calls from people claiming to be representatives from the Social Security Administration. Please immediately hang up and block their numbers as they will claim that your social security information and/or bank account information connected to your SSN have been compromised due to fraudulent activity. If you provided any personal information such as physical address or bank account information, please report this to the FBI immediately and contact your bank. 
  • Book Appointments Online--ISSS now offers the convenient option to book advising appointments online. Please review the instructions on how to book an appointment, or go directly to our About ISSS section to get started!
  • I-539 Updates -- On March 8, 2019, USCIS published a set of new requirements for the I-539 (change of status) application. A new version of the I-539 was also published and only the 02/04/2019 version will be accepted. To see the new requirements for the I-539, please click here.
  • OPT Packet Review Workshop-- ISSS will offer OPT packet review workshops this semester. Our first OPT packet review workshops will be held in March, April, and May from 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm. Please RSVP here.
  • Drop-In Career Advising-- Need help with your job search? Or perhaps you need to hone your resume or interview skills? Our International Student Career Advisor Judi Garcia will be available on Fridays, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at ISSS for drop-in career advising! Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Beginning on Friday, February 22.