Curricular Practical Training

Attendance at an ISSS Employment Workshop is required prior to submitting application.

Curricular Practical Training

The F-1 student regulations define Curricular Practical Training (CPT) as a work experience that is an “integral part of an established curriculum.” In other words, it is work for which one is receiving academic credit.

Applying for CPT

Please refer to the SJSU catalog, or your department’s website, to determine if your program requires an internship. In some cases, a student may enroll in an elective internship or practicum class as a way to obtain Curricular Practical Training. The work must be in your major and your department advisor must approve the job and establish requirements that you will meet to earn credit for what is learned on the job. Speak with your department advisor and attend the mandatory ISSS Employment Workshop to determine if you are eligible for CPT.

ISS must authorize CPT employment before you start working off-campus. You will be issued a new I-20 to show your employer as proof of CPT work authorization.