On Campus Employment

If you are maintaining F-1 status, on campus employment is permitted only on the campus that has issued the I-20 (SJSU). Employment is limited to part-time (no more than 20 hours a week) during the semester, but can be full-time during vacation periods (summer, winter, spring break).

Once employment is offered, you must come to the ISSS office to request:

  1. A letter certifying that you are eligible for on campus work. This letter must be brought to SJSU Human Resources to obtain an SJSU Employment Authorization Card
  2. A letter to bring to the Social Security Administration, requesting a social security number (SSN) application.


New on-campus employment eligibility policy for F-1 international students 

Effective August 21, 2013: ISSS will no longer be signing on-campus work documents for F-1 international students who are on probation, as long as the probation standing is reflected in the academic record.  Reason: students on Probation are not in good academic standing and are not making good academic progress towards their degree;  any employment (on-campus or off-campus) takes time away from studies, and ISSS believes that students who are on probation can better utilize such free time towards studying and improving their skills to regain good academic standing and avoid academic disqualification in the next term. This brings on-campus student employment policy in line with current off-campus policy.