Reinstatement for F-1 Status

All F-1 students must meet the F-1 student requirements of the USCIS in order to maintain legal status. If you take fewer units than required during a semester without prior ISSS approval, neglect to process a transfer or extension, are disqualified, or work without authorization, then you will be in violation of legal student status. If you are out of status, you should see an International Student Advisor immediately. You can apply for Reinstatement to the USCIS, and may be reinstated only if the circumstances were out of your control and if such circumstance occurred within 5 months of applying. If you are out of status for more than 5 months, you are not likely to be approved for Reinstatement. You would have to leave the country and re-enter to gain a new F-1 status.

Reminder: If you are out of status, you are not eligible to purchase international student health insurance or to continue previously authorized work.