Health Insurance

SJSU requires all inbound international students to purchase the SJSU health insurance coverage prior to registering for classes. You can register for the mandatory SJSU health insurance online.

International Students will not be able to register for classes without first purchasing SJSU health insurance. The comprehensive insurance program includes coverage for accidental injury/sickness, medical evacuation, and repatriation and is also valid when traveling outside the United States. You can view the insurance fees and purchase your insurance online before your arrival. 

F-1 students with dependents are recommended to also provide health insurance for their dependents.

You may purchase coverage in three different ways:

  • Annually, covering you from August 1 to July 31, or
  • Fall semester only, with coverage from August 1 to January 1, or
  • Spring/summer semester only, with coverage from January 1 to July 31.

For additional information on how the medical system in the US works, please view this Healthcare in the USA Introduction video.  


Purchase your Fall 2017/Spring 2018 health insurance (here).  Follow these steps to purchase the correct plan:

  1. Go to (click here);
  2. Select "Find Your School's Plan"
  3. Type in "San Jose State University" and select
  4. Select "2017-2018 San Jose State Univ.-International" plan
  5. Select "Fall"
  6. Input your information and payment information as instructed.

Insurance hold will be removed within 36 hours after purchase.


Exemptions from the requirement to purchase the insurance are the following:

  1. Students on a government-sponsored scholarship which provides compatible insurance coverage as a part of the sponsorship.  To clear hold: Submit the request for exemption forms in the ISSS office.  
  2. Students receiving insurance coverage through an employer-sponsored plan in the United States (i.e. receipt of insurance is a part of the U.S. employment compensation through your spouse). Supplemental Medical Evacuation and Repatriation must be purchased.   To clear hold: Submit the request for exemption forms in the ISSS office.
  3. J-1 participants in the ISEP, International Student Exchange Program.


SJSU Student Health Center

All registered students at SJSU are eligible for health services at the SJSU Student Health Center. Services include a family doctor, preventive medicine, laboratory diagnosis, X-rays, birth control, pregnancy test, sexually transmitted diseases tests, AIDS/HIV information, and psychological counseling. The Student Health Center is the first place to go to when you feel ill or are injured. Medical emergencies that occur when the Student Health Center is closed are referred to:

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center*
751 South Bascom Avenue,
San Jose, CA
408.885.5101 (patient info)
408.885.6950 (emergency services)

Regional Medical Center*
225 North Jackson Avenue,
San Jose, CA
408.259.5000 (hospital operator)

*Off-campus hospital services are provided at patient’s expense. Uncovered emergency fees are your responsibility; they are not the University’s responsibility. Urgent care is a less expensive option in most cases.