MS Engineering Management Requirements

Pre-Requisites for Non-Engineering Undergraduate Degree

  • Math 30, Math 31, Math 123, Econ 1A and Econ 1B (passing Econ courses with a grade of "B" or better), ISE 201 and ISE 140

Pre-Requisites for Engineering Undergraduate Degree

  • Econ 1A and Econ 1B (passing Econ courses with a grade of "B" or better), ISE 201 and ISE 140

Core Courses (Required) 24 cr

  • ISE 200 Financial Methods for Engineers (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 213 Principles of Engineering Management (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 222 Systems Engineering (Fall, 3 cr)
  • ISE 250 Leading the Six Sigma Improvement Project (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 251 Managing the Lean Enterprise Improvement Program (Fall, 3 cr)
  • ISE 298 Special Problems (Fall, Spring, 3 cr)

Technical Electives (Choose 1 ISE and 3 BUS or 2 ISE and 2 BUS) 12 cr

ISE Electives

  • ISE 203 Agile Systems Engineering (Alternate Fall, 3 cr)
  • ISE 214 Enterprise Engineering (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 223 Decision Models for Sustainable Development (Alternate Fall, 3 cr)
  • ISE 230 Advanced Operations Research (Fall, 3 cr)
  • ISE 233 Operational Data Analysis for Industrial Systems (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 241 Advanced Operations Planning & Control (Summer, 3 cr)
  • ISE 242 Service Engineering (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 245 Advanced Supply Chain (Fall, 3 cr)
  • ISE 260 Process Improvement in Healthcare (Spring, 3 cr)
  • ISE 270 Information Engineering (Spring, 3 cr)

BUS Electives

  • BUS 202 Managing in the Global Economy (State-supported on-campus, Early Career MBA, usually taught in Spring - Session B, 3 cr)
  • BUS 230 Marketing Management (Usually taught in Spring, 3 cr)
  • BUS 235A Introduction to Business Analytics (Spring Semester: Session A, 3 cr)
  • BUS 235B Business Research (Spring Semester: Session B, 3 cr)
  • BUS 235C Data Mining (Fall Semester: Session A, 3 cr)
  • BUS 235D Business Analytics Simulation (Fall Semester: Session B, 3 cr)
  • BUS 250 Law and Ethics (Usually taught in Spring, 3 cr)
  • BUS 253 Negotiation and Conflict Management (Off campus ESMBA elective; usually taught in Fall, special fee applies, 3 cr)
  • BUS 260 Managerial Decision Making (State-supported on-campus, Early Career MBA, usually taught in Fall - Session A, 3 cr)
  • BUS 262 Leadership (Off campus ESMBA elective; usually taught in Spring, special fee applies, 3 cr)
  • BUS 283 Entrepreneurship (Usually taught in Fall, 3 cr)
  • BUS 284 Managing Product Development (Usually taught in Spring, 3 cr)

You cannot enroll for the BUS courses on your own. You need to contact Professor Patel to get enrolled in the BUS courses. The prerequisites courses, Econ 1A and Econ 1B, for taking BUS courses can be completed online by completing equivalent Econ 101 and Econ 102 courses. After completing these two courses, email a copy of your transcript to

Competency in Written English

All SJSU graduate students must successfully demonstrate their competency in written English as a requirement for graduation. The University policy requires that such competency shall be a requirement of classified graduate students as a condition for advancement to candidacy for the award of the master's degree. The requirement and five ways to satisfy the requirement are outlined in the University Bulletin.

Note: ISE 251, Managing the Lean Enterprise Improvement Program, has been approved by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research of SJSU as a course whose completion in or beyond Fall 2013 with a grade of C or better can be used by an MS-ISE student to satisfy this University requirement of Competency in Written English or GWAR. Inquiry should be made to the ISE Department staff.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy of a Master's Degree

Students seeking Master of Science degrees in the School of Engineering must meet the general university requirements for candidacy as outlined in the Academic Requirements Section of The University Bulletin, including successful completion of the Competency-in-Written-English Requirement (i.e., the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement - GWAR). Admission to candidacy and approval of degree program will be handled by the Graduate Advisor. All classified graduate students must apply for admission to candidacy after completing the Competency-in-Written-English Requirement and a minimum of nine units of graduate work. All MS EM students are encouraged to apply for advancement to candidacy as soon as they have completed three graduate courses and the Competency-in-Written-English Requirement. The currently required lead time between this advancement and graduation is nine months; this required lead time is a University requirement and hence is beyond the control of the Department.

GPA Requirements

All MS-EM students, either classified or conditionally classified, must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better in all work taken in the graduate program, including prerequisite courses and courses taken to meet the minimum 30 semester units of approved graduate work.