MIS is the concentration that combines business and technology–exactly what Silicon Valley is all about. That's why our graduates regularly score the highest starting salaries of all nine business concentrations and get jobs at great places like Google, Cisco, HP, Apple and eBay. MIS Jobs Overview

Our students earn the same business degree (BSBA) as accounting, marketing or management students, and take the same core business courses, but they also get the tech knowledge and skills. Then, as professionals they can deliver the information solutions that get people the information they need to do their jobs better/faster/smarter. About MIS.

That's MIS. Totally dynamic. Totally flexible. Totally cool.

The MIS Department, one of four in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, is home to around 550 students and 21 faculty and is distinguished by an award-winning team of instructors, spanning academic research and industry experience, and we're proud of our many unique program innovations. About the MIS Department

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