Prospective Students

  • 2/16/10: Yes, the Annual MIS Department Graduation Ceremony is on for this coming May. As compared with the College of Business ceremony, this one is an hour shorter, more elegant, includes a light meal reception and give you individual recognition, including a brief statement at the mic. Of course you can always go to both.
  • 2/16/10: There's a new MIS Department chair blog you should probably subscribe to.
  • 2/16/10: No, we can't offer the Information Security elective for now due to budget cuts but we are working on a self-study, online set of resources you could use to brush up on it on your own or with friends. Check back soon.
  • 2/16/10: Yes, the MIS Experience will be held sometime this spring - TBA. You need to go if you haven't already. See "Advising" on the left for more details.