About IT

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Our mission is to proactively provide an IT ecosystem that achieves SJSU’s strategic goals through secure and state-of-the-art solutions that integrate the human experience.


With the power of innovation and imagination, we partner with Faculty, Staff and Students to solve Higher Education’s most intractable challenges.


  • Employee Engagement - We are committed creating an environment where everyone is motivated and committed to the goals and values of SJSU, resulting in a elevated sense of well being for all employees.
  • Reliability - We are dedicated to providing high-quality information resources and secure technology infrastructure to the SJSU Campus Community through exceptional support.
  • Resources - We will allocate campus IT resources based on the most significant value and benefit for SJSU.
  • Integrity - We are guided by honesty, openness and fairness in all of our actions.
  • Alignment - Our IT decisions will align with SJSU’s strategy and vision.
  • Transparency - We value transparency in our all decision-making processes and resource allocations. Input from stakeholders drives governance and priorities.