Sparta Awards

Sparta Awards

We Value Our Employees

We view our employees as our most valuable asset. We recognize that their skills, dedication, and commitment are critical to our success at San Jose State University. As the Information Technology Division grows, it is important to clearly define our core values from which we shape the culture of our organization.

The goal of the Sparta Award is to recognize the teams and individuals who bring out the best in each other, serve our customers with distinction, and honor those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep SJSU running. The award is only offered to employees of the Information Technology Division and presented annually.

Focus Areas

  • Bringing out the Best - Collaboration, Innovation, and Everyday Leadership
  • Serving the Customer - Providing Consistent and Exceptional Service
  • Unsung Heroes - Working Behind the Scenes


  1. Department Directors will solicit feedback from their teams for the award
  2. Department Directors will submit nominations to the IT Peer Consolation Team
  3. The IT Peer Consolation will review the submitted nominations
  4. The award will be presented in December