Telephone and Network (Internet) Service Request



This form is to request Campus Telephone Service for Faculty and Staff. Complete all requested information for new or existing Campus Telephone Service. Select from the list of service options and complete all  sections that apply in A, B, C, D or E. 
NOTE: Before you begin, you will need the correct Jack Port and/or VLAN numbers. Please contact your Department IT Tech for assistance.

Requester (Required)

Customer (Required)

Dept ID

NOTE: If the phone or line is shared, please indicate the other customer(s) info in the Comments area below.

Approval (Required)

Enter the name and email address of the Department Dean/Chair/Manager. Note: We will contact this person to verify approval via email before service is provided.

Service Request (Required)

Type of Service(s) Requested:

Select your option(s) and complete the service section(s) as indicated. Submit a separate request form for each user. 

Section A (Optional)

Select to request New Telephone and Voicemail Service:

Location (Building Name and Room Number)

Telephone Set Type

Calling Capabilities

Section B (Optional)

Would you like to display your Campus contact information (Phone ext, Building, Floor, and Room.) or display a published number other than your extension on the online SJSU Directory? 

Note: If yes, please provide details in the Comments area below.

Section C (Optional)

In this section, you can request a new voicemail box, delete an existing mailbox or request a reset of a forgotten passcode.

Section D (Optional)

In this section, you can request to move a phone to a new location or change the existing user information. If the phone or extension is shared, indicate the other users info in the Note section below.

NOTE: The network port numbers can be found on the network jack/connector (identifiable by the orange or gray plugin). Your department network support person can provide the VLAN number. The phone Mac Address is found by flipping the phone upside down. The sticker is on the bottom row, second from the right corner and is labeled “MAC.”

Section E (Optional)

Department Admins can request Admin access to edit fields in the Online-Directory for their Department Listing. Complete all the fields. 

Admin Last Name

This field is required. If no comments, type "None."