Request to Use CL505 Training Room

IT Service Desk owns and operates the Clark Hall 505 Training Room for the purpose of training San José State STAFF Users on PeopleSoft and its related subsystems. This room contains 16 student workstations plus a laptop computer and projector for the presenter. Use this form to request use of the room.

Only Staff can make reservations.

Requests for reservations are required in advance, as the room is frequently used. The room is not available outside of normal business hours (Monday—Friday, 8 am—5 pm). Once you submit this form, we will notify you within two business days as to whether or not the room is available and if we can confirm the reservation.

Availability of the CL505 Training Room is not guaranteed.

Facility Cleanup Requirements

he coordinator of the event should limit food and drink consumption in the lab and protect the desks and equipment from spillage and food debris. The room should be left in its original condition. Please use the posted Cleaning Checklist during cleanup

Failure to clean the facility may result in your group being denied usage in the future.


I understand that by using the lab I accept liability for the cost of repairs for any damage to the workstations or furniture in the lab caused by my invited participants or me.

I understand that the primary contact will be added to the event reservation. I understand that it is the primary contact's responsibility to accept and add any additional guests to the event, if applicable.

By submitting your booking request, you certify that you have read and agree to the facility cleanup requirements and agreement stated above.