• Password Help - Assistance with setting and resetting your SJSUOne password
  • IT Service Desk - Help line for all IT related needs via walk-up, email, phone or live chat
  • Request Application Access - Central authentication and authorization for MySJSU (Peoplesoft), Central Finance System and Financial Transaction Services
  • Classroom Support - Assistance for all adopted classrooms, located in IRC 112 (first floor), on the South East side of the DMH building.


Productivity and Collaboration

 Productivity & Collaboration

  • PC Software - Provide popular commercial software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Sophos Antivirus application for all systems, including personal.  
  • Email, Calendar & Google Suite - GSuite from Google, including account setup and maintenance, Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive and Apps
  • PCs & Tablets Provide hands-on support for all campus computers, labs and mobile devices as well as on boarding PCs, support, and workstation refresh
  • File Data Storage - Secure storage of departmental and Level 1 data


Connectivity and Network

 Connectivity & Network

  • Internet & Network Access - Wired (Ethernet) network connectivity on and off campus
  • Wi-Fi - Wireless (Wi-Fi) network connectivity outdoor and in-building
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Secure, encrypted off-campus network connectivity
  • Campus Telephones - Handset & Soft Phone Support, Conference phone, extension provisioning, 911 support, voice mail, 800 NumbersBaseline (bundled) and add-on telephone and voice-mail (including moves and changes)


Web and Mobile

 Web & Mobile


Servers and Storage

 Servers & Storage

  • Equipment Co-Location- On-campus IT Data Center or Machine Room collocation of college or organization-owned server equipment
  • Virtual Server- Setup and maintenance of Windows or Linux-based virtual servers for colleges or organizations
  • Data Backup- Tape backup and secure off-site storage for campus systems 




  • Digital Signage- A network of electronic displays for departments to publish customized information in common areas on campus
  • Broadcast Email- Timely emails sent efficiently to large audiences
  • Campus TV- Provides 100 channels of TV broadcast via the IP network to smart endpoints or TVs via Roku digital streamers to currently 1200 housing residents.


Business Solutions

 Business Solutions

  • Solution Consulting- Provide advice and IT expertise on business strategies, plans and potential solution investigations
  • Solution Development- Design and develop custom business applications and solutions, including major enhancements, as well as work with a selected vendors to integrate and manage SaaS solutions
  • Solution Support- Perform all preventive maintenance required to ensure that applications run efficiently and remain available during operating hours
  • Database Services-Design, implement and support databases; including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL 
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics- Provide an integrated data warehouse, reporting, dashboards and predictive analysis


Academic Technology

 Academic Technology

  • Classroom Support-Assistance for university and department classrooms to support the teaching mission of the university
  • Equipment Loaning - Loans and maintains large stock of equipment including, but not limited to: Cameras, lights and stands, projector and projector screens. This equipment is loan to Faculty and student to support the teaching mission of the university
  • Media Loaning- Loans DVD and VHS Tape Media as defined by MLK for use by Faculty and Students to support the teaching mission of the university
  • Lecture Capture - Provides lecture capture and associated publication via eCampus for classroom and other "recording" key to the the teaching mission of the university
  • Video Streaming- Video Streaming Services for campus by Faculty and Students to support the teaching mission of the university
  • Video Conferencing - Set-up and support for classroom video conferencing
  • Campus A/V- Design, implementation and support to drive standardization across the campus for Classroom, Meeting Spaces and general AV use


Video and Photography

 Video & Photography

  • Video Production - Video and audio recordings production for academic content for Staff and Faculty training, campus events, public relations research and student accomplishments.
  • Photographic Production- Photography production creates originals and copies of photographs for classroom instruction, campus events, Faculty, Staff and Student accomplishments and research. Other services include: Image Conversion (Scanning & Copy), Location Photography, Poster Printing (Large format),  Portraits of Faculty and Staff and Studio Photography.