Video Production

Service Description

San José State Information Technology (IT) Video Production produces professional-quality video and audio recordings for academic content, campus events, training, research, and public relations.

Service For

  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Project Consulting - We meet with you to evaluate, plan and provide guidance on your unique video production needs.  
  • Storyboard Scripting - We help you develop a storyboard script and provide guidance on how to create a storyboard. Note that developing your own storyboard will help expedite your project.
  • Video Recording - We provide studio or on-site video recordings of classroom content/events, conferences, forums, high-profile meetings and other events.
  • Video Editing - We can add slides, images/photos, sound, and footage to your project.
  • Media Duplication - We duplicate copies of your media upon request. We can also duplicate media that resides in our archives or duplicate media that you provide us (subject to copyright).
  • Video Distribution - You can view your completed video products using these formats:
    • Web
    • Podcast
    • DVD or CD
    • YouTube
    • and more


Video Production Service is a state-funded service and is offered at no additional cost for general-funded activities. Foundation and other externally funded projects may incur recharge costs.

Service Request Process

Service Support

For any questions about Video Production Services, contact Teri Graziani, Media Specialist.