ICR Eligibility and Requirements

Images suggesting victims of family violence

Eligibility and Requirements

The Institute for Collaborative Response welcomes both graduate and undergraduate students. You are eligible for participation if you are an undergraduate student with upper-division standing or are enrolled in a master's degree program within CASA or other applied disciplines. Additionally, you must be eligible for internship or field experience through your respective department and be willing to commit to ICR's completion criteria.

No prior experience in family violence or collaboration is required. ICR students each bring a unique and valuable perspective to this program.

During the ICR field placement semester, students must be enrolled in their department's internship class. The ICR is not a placement. Placements are secured through your degree program. The ICR does, however, have additional criteria for an internship to be ICR approved, including providing services for victims of family violence and the opportunity to work with other disciplines.

Program Requirements

Through participation in the ICR, students will develop an understanding of and foundation for working collaboratively to provide a more effective response for victims of family violence. The first semester is geared toward learning and establishing a foundation of understanding in family violence and collaboration. This can be achieved through the Collaborative Response class (JS 137) offered to all ICR students through the Justice Studies Department or through a series of workshops provided by the ICR. The second semester is geared toward field experience through internships, research and community-based projects.


  • Completing the Justice Studies Collaborative Response Class ( JS 137)
  • Working in a qualified collaborative field placement
  • Completing a special project that contributes to improving the response to family violence through interdisciplinary collaboration

Questions about Requirements:

ICR student applicants will have opportunities to talk with ICR faculty and staff about how the ICR requirements may be completed in the context of specific majors or degree programs. ICR staff can work with interested students to meet requirements if needed. Students may also direct questions to Maureen Lowell at maureen.lowell@sjsu.edu.