ICR Field Experience

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Field Experience

ICR students must complete one (1) semester of field experience that provides experience in interdisciplinary response to family violence. Most students meet this requirement by choosing an internship through their department internship program that meets the field experience requirements for the ICR. These placements may already be designated as ICR preferred placements. Participation in the ICR requires that the field experience/internship provide family violence services and offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Students go through the placement/internship program of their respective departments, selecting placements that meet ICR criteria. If the student's degree program does not provide such internship or field experience, the ICR can help students identify field experiences that meet ICR requirements. This may involve participation in one of the research teams being developed by the ICR in collaboration with CASA faculty.

The ICR is not a separate internship program and does not directly place students. The ICR identifies agencies that have internships that meet ICR criteria and designates these placements within the department internship placement listings. The ICR also does not limit students to preapproved internships/field placements. If you are in an agency that provides services for family violence and you have the opportunity to work across disciplines, your placement already meets ICR requirements...

ICR students have been involved in the following placements within the community:

  • Community Solutions
  • Santa Clara County Probation Department
  • Santa Clara County Superior Court
  • Santa Clara County Family & Children's Services
  • Family Wellness Court
  • Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence
  • FACES Victim Assistance Center
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Collaborative (DVIC)
  • LACY - The Law Foundation