Forensic Science

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B.S. IN FORENSIC SCIENCE -The Forensic Science program at SJSU offers Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Biology for students with a career interest in crime lab work. Students in the forensic science major take basic and advanced biology, chemistry, and physics courses to build a strong foundation in the sciences, and complement these with coursework in forensic science applications. The curricula of each major concentration meet the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Forensic Education Program Accreditation standards. 
Interdisciplinary research in the forensic science program is active and externally funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Keck Foundation, and the California Association of Criminalists (CAC) student scholarships, with additional support from partnerships with California crime laboratories, academic institutions, and biotechnology companies. Students in our program have presented at local, regional, national and international science meetings and conferences, and published their work in scientific journals.
Our forensic science student group (FSS) is extremely active on and off campus. Members of FSS run a forensic science seminar series, volunteer at local events and conferences, and support the department, college, and university through their service. 


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MINOR IN FORENSIC STUDIES -The non-science forensic studies minor is designed for students with a career interest in crime scene investigation, and its purpose is to provide formal academic training in this area. The minor has practical applications in the areas of law enforcement, criminal law, engineering, computer science, nursing, medicine, psychology, anthropology, and photography, and provides a potentially useful credential for students pursuing careers or scholarship in all of these fields.