Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant Job Announcement (pdf)


Graduate Assistants(GAs) help faculty with a variety of tasks. Graduate assistants are assigned to faculty members and are expected to work for each according to the time allocated to each (e.g., 4 faculty members @ 5 hours each). Total work hours shall generally not exceed 20 hours in a week. Assigned duties may be performed on or off campus depending on the instructions of the assigned faculty.

Duties may include assisting faculty with teaching, research, and/or other administrative work. Teaching duties may include grading papers, helping design lessons, teaching an occasional class or portion of a class, and holding conferences with students. Research duties may include helping professors with library research, survey design, data collection and analysis, writing, and so forth. Assisting with research as a paid assistant generally does not qualify the student for authorship credit. Finally, administrative tasks may include clerical work, outreach, and so forth

While being a graduate assistant adds value to the student experience—by enhancing the educational experience and by assisting with professional socialization—the primary objective of the assistantship is to provide help to the faculty. Students wishing to assist professors in a mentoring/learning relationship should arrange to be an unpaid Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant by taking the JS 298 course.

Applications are due as announced by the department. GA positions are awarded on a competitive basis. Application materials include: 1) an application form, 2) unofficial transcripts, 3) a statement of interest (500 words maximum that highlights relevant coursework, prior experience assisting faculty, and competencies), and 4) a resume. These should be submitted to the Justice Studies Department office by the deadline. Previous work experience in the department will be considered in the selection process.

GAs do challenging work, and it can be difficult to handle the dual roles of graduate student and faculty assistant, especially for students with other time-consuming commitments. One does not want to risk a damaged professional reputation by not performing optimally in this high profile position. Please give careful consideration to your ability to meet all your obligations before applying for the position.

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Qualifications include being an enrolled Justice Studies MS student with 15 units of graduate coursework by time of appointment, a B or above in all graduate coursework, ability to relate well with others, ability to assist faculty in a variety of duties, and evidence of intellectual curiosity.