Master's Theses

Listed below are examples of theses produced by our Master’s Students.  These are archived through SJSU Scholarworks


Theses from 2010

The struggle for sufficient housing in Santa Clara County, Robert Musallam

An exploration of burglaries committed by sexual offenders, Amelie Pedneault

Theses from 2006

Internet safety education : information retention among middle school aged children, S. Jaimee Tsim

Theses  from 2001

A victimization study of transgendered individuals in San Francisco, California, Alex R. Sousa

Theses from 2000

A comparison of attitudes of public defenders and the public on drugs issues, Shalini Aroma

A model police department hate crime policy, Russell Allen Churn

Deterrence and white-collar crime : perceptions of antitrust attorneys, Wendy Susanne Enloe

Curfews, help or hinderance : an analyis of Concord police department’s 1995 curfew law, Kenric A. Fivella

Theses from 1999

Women’s fear of crime and the evening guide program at San Jose State University, Rizwana Mahmood

Theses from 1998

A comparative analysis of San Quentin’s boot camp program with New York’s and Georgia’s, Leo T. Ako Mbo

A Loss of traditions : the emergence of American Indian youth gangs, Julie A. Hailer

Theses from 1997

Feminism’s greatest Challenge: women in law enforcement, Anthony DeLucchi Barber

Law enforcement and crowd management, Christopher K. Dibble

Alcohol : legal issues concerning the environment of licensed premises in Alberta, Nicholas Anthony Jones

Corruption control in Argentina : problems faced by federal courts in Buenos Aires, Santiago Ottaviano

Theses from 1995

Courtroom service from probation officers to judges : a case study and proposal for change, S. Scott MacDonald

Theses from 1991

Job burnout among Monmouth County probation officers : an exploratory study, Peggy A. Hill

Theses from 1989

The Office of prosecutor in Egypt, Talaat M. Ellen

The Impact of proposition 8 on felony plea bargaining in Santa Clara County, Tianna D. Nelson