Human Rights

The Human Rights program is a new, multidisciplinary, 15 unit minor at SJSU.   Students in the Minor will have the opportunity to explore the history and structure of formal human rights and international law, study any number of historical or contemporary human rights struggles, meet and work with Bay Area human rights organizations, and gain experience in a graduate style/level capstone symposium course.

William Armaline, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Justice Studies at San José State University working primarily in the fields of sociology, education, and human rights. His areas of interest include sustainable political economic and ecological theory, critical race theory and anti-racism, critical pedagogy and transformative education, critical ethnography, inequality and youth, prison abolition, and drug policy reform.

Students who are interested in careers or scholarship (graduate or professional school) related to international law, international relations, policy studies, human rights advocacy/reporting, forensic reporting on war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, community organizing, social movement networks, or social problems are highly encouraged to enroll in the minor.



Shadows of Liberty

Shadows of Liberty, is an internationally acclaimed documentary which reveals the extraordinary truth behind the news media: censorship, cover-ups and corporate control.

Join us for this eye-opening presentation on the truth about corporate owned media this Friday, November 21, 2:00-4:00 in Yoshihiro Uchida Hall Rm. 124.


The Soldier and the Refusenik - March 30, 2014

Eran Efrati served in the Israeli military, and then turned to document the military's violations of Palestinians' human rights. Maya Wind refused to serve, and was sentenced to military detention and prison. 

Human Rights Lecture on School of the Americas - October 17, 2013

1st Annual Human Rights Lecture: Hip Hop, Social Justice and the War On Drugs - March 21, 2012

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