In-Depth Undeclared Upper-Division Transfer Student Info - JS Majors

For upper division-undeclared transfers

Processes for declaring Justice Studies as their major

1) Undeclared transfer students whose GPA rises above 3.4prior to declaring Justice Studies as your major
Arrange by email to show a copy of your last transcript from your current and prior colleges to the Department Chair for approval.  Your application will be approved if GPA is > 3.4.  The Department Chair is Mark Correia

2) All other transfer students

Complete the following prior to applying for Justice Studies Major
STAT 95 Elementary Statistics (required for major)
JS 10 Introduction to Justice Studies (required for major)
WST Writing Skills Test:  This must be taken and passed prior to applying to change your major to Justice Studies

Toward the end of every semester, the number of open spaces in the Justice Studies major will be determined.  Students wanting to declare Justice Studies at that time will be ranked by their GPA.  Starting at the top of the list, students will be approved for declaring Justice Studies until the number of open slots at the time is filled. 

If you are going to compete to declare Justice Studies, the following is a guideline course schedule:

Recommended Academic planning for Undeclared students
 Fall Spring
JS 10 JS 118 (required for major and minor)
JS 102 OR JS 103 OR JS 104 (required for major and minor) JS 112 OR JS 120 (required for major and minor)
100W(requires WST passed) Any outstanding lower-division Core GE
Possible minor course from another area SJSU Studies course (requires WST passed)


Advice for Transfer Undeclared Students

Things you need to know about your situation:

  • Declaring Justice Studies as your major will be competitive
  • If you have a final transfer GPA of less than 2.50, it is highly unlikely you will qualify. We recommend you consider another major but consider declaring Justice Studies as a minor.
  • If you have a final transfer GPA above 3.0, you will have a good chance of qualifying.  We recommend you declare Justice Studies as a minor.
  • If you have a final transfer GPA between 2.70 and 3.0, it is doubtful you will qualify, but if you are highly motivated and focused you may have a fighting chance;
  • Don't take too many courses – of any kind – at once.   Give yourself the space to do well. 

Have a back-up plan, particularly if your transfer GPA is below 3.0.  Think about a second area outside of Justice Studies that you can pursue.  This can be a minor area if you get into Justice Studies.  If you don't get into Justice Studies, you can major in this area. 

Some good alternatives to a Justice Studies major are shown below (in no particular order).  Some of these are also impacted majors so you'll need to check on what the entrance criteria are.

Communication Studies Psychology Anthropology
Political Science Sociology Social Work
Philosophy Global Studies Interdisciplinary Studies