Justice Studies Courses - Undergraduate

JS 10: “Introduction to Justice Studies

JS 12: “Introduction to Legal Studies”

JS 15: “Introductory Statistics in Justice Studies”

JS 25: “Introduction to Human Rights & Justice”

JS 100w: “Writing Workshop”

JS 101: “Critical Issues and Ideas in Justice”

JS 102: “Police and Society”

JS 103: “Courts and Society”

JS 104: “Penal Politics & Institutions”

JS 106: “Forensic Entomology”

JS 107: “Justice Management and Ethics”

JS 114: “Research Methods in Justice Studies”

JS 117: “Qualitative Research Methods in Justice Studies”

JS 121:  “Media and Society”

JS 122: “Drugs and Society”

JS 123: “Terrorism and Society”

JS 127: “Immigration and Justice”

JS 128: “Punishment, Culture and Society”

JS 129: “International Crime and Deviance”

JS 130: “Sexuality and Justice”

JS 131: “Crisis Intervention, Mediation and Restorative Justices”

JS 132: “Race, Gender, Inequality and the Law”

JS 136: “Family and Community Violence”

JS 137: “Collaborative Response for Victims of Family Violence”

JS 140: “Record Clearance Project”

JS 141: “Record Clearance Project: Representation”

JS 143: “Criminal Evidence & Procedure”

JS 144: “Criminal Law”

JS 145: “White Collar Crime”

JS 150: “Gender Crime”

JS 151: “Criminological Theory”

JS 152: “Juvenile Delinquency & Justice”

JS 153: “Crime and Justice Across the Lifecourse”

JS 155: “Victimology”

JS 156: “Gangs, Criminal Syndicates & Justice”

JS 157: “Deviance & Justice”

JS 158: “The Prison Community”

JS 171: “Human Rights and Justice”

JS 179: “Human Rights Practicum and Seminar”

JS 180: “Individual Studies”

JS 181: “JS Internship”

JS 184: “Directed Readings”

JS 185: “Special Topics in Law and Justice”

JS 189: “Senior Seminar”