Legal Studies


The Legal Studies program provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that engages them in critical analysis of the connections between legal issues and social justice, both from a contemporary and historical perspective. Students enrolled in the Legal Studies Minor can take courses on law and society, constitutional law and civil liberties, courts and society, civil rights, law and economics, environmental law, drugs and society, media law and ethics, professional and business ethics, philosophy of law, American legal history, and other related subjects. Upon successful completion of the Legal Studies Minor, students will develop a deeper understanding of the impact of legal practices and institutions on economics, politics, education, international relations, and other justice related areas.

MINOR IN LEGAL STUDIESThe Legal Studies Minor exposes students to interdisciplinary perspectives on major social issues. The minor’s broad curriculum allows students to familiarize with the fields of law, social justice, international relations, public policy, environmental justice, and mass communications. Graduates with a minor in Legal Studies can explore a wide range of justice related careers, and are also well prepared to pursue postgraduate education in justice studies research, law, and public policy studies. Careers in the field include professional positions within the criminal justice system, NGOs, public institutions, and other justice related organizations.