Justice Studies Minor

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The Justice Studies Minor allows students the opportunity to take courses in the core and explore the field of justice studies. Drawing upon the rigorous undergraduate program in Justice Studies, the minor provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that engages in critical analysis of justice issues.

Download the JS Fact Sheet PDF for more information about the Justice Studies Minor, the Department of Justice Studies, and potential career options with the Justice Studies Minor. 

Curriculum and Requirements (18 units)

  • One lower division course required (3 units):
    JS 10: Introduction to Justice Studies
    JS 12: Introduction to Legal Studies
    JS 25: Introduction to Human Rights & Justice
  • Two upper division courses from the following (6 units):
    JS 101: Critical Issues and Ideas in Justice
    JS 102: Police and Society
    JS 114: Research Methods in Justice Studies
    JS 151: Criminological Theory
  • Three upper division electives (9 units):
    Choose any additional 3 Upper Division JS Courses as specified on the JS minor form.

Contact Information

Students interested in pursuing a Justice Studies minor should obtain a minor form from Justice Studies. We recommend meeting with your advisor to discuss the Minor. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Undergraduate Coordinator.