M.S. Justice Studies (Admissions & Contact Information)


M.S in Justice Studies admission process (in-person) (online)

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 In person Applicant Requirements

Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE) requires the following information by the specified date.  

  1. Application submitted through CSU Mentor
  2. Information for domestic applicants can be found at GAPE Domestic applicants page.
  3. Information for international applicants can be found at GAPE International applicants page.
  4. Applicants must have maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher in their last 60 semester units (90 quarter units) of coursework  and a 3.2 or higher in their respective major.
  5. Official Transcripts (must be sent sealed by the issuing institution)


The Department of Justice Studies requires the following information be submitted as a hard copy to Dr. Sang Kil

  1. Essay

    Please respond to the statement below.

    Please identify a justice-related issue you see as particularly relevant to our society, and provide some critical reflection about it. In your essay, you may want to focus on one or more of the following questions: What are the social causes of this issue? What are its historical origins? What explains its persistence? How does it impact the human rights of individuals involved? How is this issue being addressed by our society? Could it be addressed differently? What policy changes would be needed?

    Your response should be no more than 1,250 words in 12-point font, single-spaced; and be sure to cite and reference any sources you may use. Format of the paper, citations and references are open, but should be consistent throughout. Please submit an original copy of your statement (in .doc or .pdf format) along with the rest of your application materials to the Graduate Coordinator by April 1, 2016.
  2. Unofficial Transcripts
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation relating to your academic ability and potential to succeed at the graduate level.  Academic references preferred.

**Note:  GRE scores are not required

Submit Department required paperwork and direct questions to

Dr. Sang Kil, Graduate Coordinator
Department of Justice Studies
San José State University
One Washington Square
MacQuarrie Hall 524
San José, CA 95192-0050
Email: js-grad-admissions-group@sjsu.edu

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