JS Graduate Advising


Graduate Advisor:  Dr. Sang Kil

Office hours that appear on this page are for drop-in advising only. Most office hours are by appointment only. Click on the apppointment link provided to set-up a meeting time with your advisor.

Please bring the following to your advising session or you will not be seen by an advisor:

  • All college transcripts (this is especially important if you are a transfer student since we cannot view your records from the Registrar's Office. It takes the Registrar at least 2 semesters to input the data into MySJSU.)
  • Email forms (i.e. major form, substitution form, university graduation application) prior to meeting with your advisor. We will not accept paper forms any longer.
  • Additional paperwork that needs to be attached to University petitions (i.e. transcripts, statement of purpose, doctor's notes, etc.)

Please be advised that office hours may change without prior notice. The Department recommends that you try calling on the day that you will be coming to campus for advising to be sure that the advisor is on campus and conducting advising hours.

Faculty Advisor Hours