The internship is an integral part of the Justice Studies undergraduate program.  All JS majors are required to complete a THREE (3) unit internship course. The internship experience is designed to provide a broad exposure to the operations of a variety of justice-related agencies and organizations, including courts, law enforcement agencies, law offices, nonprofit organizations and community based programs. The internship student gains knowledge of the structure, goals, and work procedures of the agency/office by participating in activities in the internship setting, and applies that knowledge to the completion of a paper on the internship experience that bridges coursework, theory and practice.  Students are required to spend a minimum of 120 hours in the internship setting. For the specific requirements, view the JS 181 syllabus (PDF). The internship is limited to Justice Studies Department majors and minors.  The internship fulfills the Core Competencies area  ‘F’ of the JS major requirements. Students may also fulfill this major requirement through the combination of JS 140 and JS 141.


Observation and experience in or related to the community or professional agencies related to justice studies.

Practical experience in the use of skills and techniques necessary for a successful career.

To provide critical supervision, guidance, and feedback for the students as they gain experience in the agency.

Professional and intellectual development in the Justice Studies field by successfully integrating theory and practice in a real world, justice-related setting.

Prospective interns should go to the Prospective Interns PageThis page explains what one needs to do to successfully acquire and register for an internship.


Current interns should go to the Current Interns Page for problem-solving information and the calendar of internship meetings.

For  more about our department and potential career options, download the JS Fact Sheet or email the Justice Studies Department.

  • Dr. Bryce Westlake- Internship Coordinator      
    Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 3:00-4:00 or by appointment. Room MH529         


 Dr. Ericka Adams Dr. Sang Kil
 Dr. Shawna Bolton

Dr. Edith Kinney

 Dr. Alessandro De Giorgi

Dr. Steven Lee 

 Dr. Sambuddha Ghatak

Dr. Victor Thompson

 Dr. John Halushka

Dr. Wilson Yuan

 Dr. Chris Hebert