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Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society

  • Alpha Phi Sigma is the only National Criminal Justice Honor Society for Justics Studies majors. The society recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate, graduate students of criminal justice, as well as juris doctorate.

    CEED Award Winners: Alpha Phi Sigma and Dr. William Armaline

    2016 CEED Award winners

    Congratulations to Alpha Phi Sigma and Dr. William Armaline for winning Committee to Enhance Equity and Diversity (CEED) Awards. Alpha Phi Sigma Iota Chapter won the student organization CEED Award for their work on reentry issues, and Dr. William Armaline was awarded the faculty CEED Award for his continued leadership in our Human Rights program and his work to address racial justice issues in our broader campus community.

    The CEED awards recognize those individuals and groups that have demonstrated excellence in promoting and fostering a deeper understanding of equity and diversity as they relate to issues of age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and/or sexual orientation.

    Thanks for your hard work and efforts to enhance equity and diversity at SJSU and in our community!  

    Iota Chapter Attends the Alpha Phi Sigma 2016 National Convention

    APS 2016 Conference

    The Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma at SJSU works to meet the goals of Academic Excellence, Leadership, Unity and Service. This year, over spring break, 11 Iota Chapter members attended the National Alpha Phi Sigma Conference in Denver where over 100 students representing 30 chapter were in attendance. Iota Chapter members made a strong showing at Nationals and showcased SJSU’s outstanding Justice Studies program through the academic achievement of our members.

    This year Iota Chapter won 2nd place in the CSI competition, Chapter T-shirt, Web page, Yearbook, and STAR Chapter! Individual member awards went to Emily Wheeler who took 2nd place in the Special Topics “Rehabilitation” test and Brian Werner, Chelsea Van Aken, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Marisela Reynoso who shared first place on the Alpha Phi Sigma "history and knowledge" ice breaker test.  Last but not least, Iota Chapter Alumni Advisor Bill Nay was elected to the Alpha Phi Sigma National Board.   

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Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity

  • Chi Pi Sigma is a coeducational, professional, criminal justice fraternity exclusively at San Jose State University. Student members are individuals, of varying majors, with career goals in the criminal justice system such as: law, law enforcement, probation, corrections, and so on. For over 75 years, our student members have gone into these respective fields on a local, state, and federal level, as well as the private sector. The primary objective of the Fraternity is to assist members with occupational preparedness, career selection, career acquisition and to provide a fertile environment for academic study and social networking. Chi Pi Sigma also supports and promotes the Justice Studies Department, strives to improve the campus environment and makes positive contributions to the local community through numerous volunteer opportunities and committee involvement. Email us at to learn more and to find out how to become a member.
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Forensic Science Students - Forensic Science Club (FSS)

  • Our purpose is to provide the forum for forensic science students to exchange information on course work, scholarships and to promote mentoring, and to make available activities which reflect the interest of the group. We facilitate contacts within the forensic science community in order to provide internships, guest speakers and future job opportunities.
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Justice Studies Task Force

  • Founded in the fall of 2009, the Justice Studies Student Group Task Force was created to promote camaraderie and collaboration between the student groups in the Justice Studies Department. The Task Force is made up of two members of each of the JS student groups as well as representatives from the graduate program and recent JS alumni.The task force is responsible for organizing and running the Fall and Spring JS convocations along with the annual Confidence Challenge. The Confidence Challenge is a physical agility event in which teams compete against one another in a friendly but challenging version of the physical agility test for law enforcement with a creative twist. The purpose of this competition is to give students and faculty an idea of the physical challenges which must be met by law enforcement candidates, but more importantly, it promotes camaraderie and companionship throughout the Justice Studies Department.
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