Justice Studies FAQ

Where do I get information regarding classes and what to take?

Justice Studies students should refer to our 2 and 4 year advising guides, which can be found on our undergraduate forms page. If further information is required, then please see your assigned advisor, information about who your advisor is located below.

Did the Department change its course numbering?

Yes.  Many of our course numbers have changed.  Please see here for a list of the changes.

Does the Department of Justice Studies have a minimum grade requirement?

Yes. The department requires a minimum of a “C” in upper division courses to pass.

When should I take the WST?

For transfer students, we suggest taking the WST prior to attending SJSU.  For those currently attending SJSU, take the WST upon completing the pre-requisites.

When should I take 100w?

We suggest transfer students take 100w during their first semester.   For non-transfer students, we suggest taking 100w as soon as the WST is passed.

Which courses transfer to Justice Studies?

Generally, the only courses accepted by the department are equivalent to JS 10, JS 11, and Stat 95.   For a list detailed list, please see the SJSU Articulation Website.

Who is my advisor?

JS majors are assigned an advisor based on the first letter of their last name and must see their assigned advisor.  Assigned advisors can be found here.

I have already taken JS 14, JS 16, or JS 20.  Can I take JS 143 or JS 144?

We no longer accept JS 16 or JS 20 in our program for any student entered in the JS program in Spring 2011.

If a student entered prior to Spring 2011, and has already received credit for JS 14, JS 16, or JS 20, s/he cannot take JS 143 or JS 144.

Can I waive the JS 181 requirement?

All majors must complete the mandatory internship.  Typically, this is only waived for extraordinary circumstances. Please contact our internship coordinator.

Does JS 141 fulfill the JS Internship requirement?

Yes.  In order to take JS 141, students must first take JS 140, therefore completing the 2-course sequence of JS 140 and JS 141.

Do I have to complete 100w and JS 114 prior to taking JS 189?

Yes.  In order to take JS 189, you must successfully complete both 100w and JS 114.

When do I apply for graduation?

Please see here for dates and forms.