Department Forms


Undergraduate Major Forms

**Please email graduation forms and your unofficial transcript(s) to your advisor.  Forms Require Adobe Acrobat.**

B.S. Justice Studies, Graduation Form Write-In

B.S. Forensic Science, Emphasis in Biology Graduation Form

B.S. Forensic Science, Emphasis in Chemistry Graduation Form

JS Major Form Process (Applying for Graduation)


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Undergraduate Minor Forms

**Please email graduation form and your unofficial transcript(s) to an advisor or coordinator.**

Forensic Studies Graduation Minor Form (Coordinator: Mary Juno)

Human Rights Graduation Minor Form 

Justice Studies Graduation Minor Form (Coordinator: Dr. Chris Hebert)

Legal Studies Graduation Minor Form (Coordinator: Dr. Edith Kinney)


Undergraduate Internship Forms

JS 181 Internship Add Code Application

JS 181 Intern Registration Form

JS 181 Agency & Student Internship Agreement

JS 181 Syllabus

JS 181 Internship Meeting Sheet

JS 181 Intern Performance Evaluation

JS 181 Request for Approval of Unlisted Internship


Graduate Student Forms

Master’s Student Graduation Progression Form

Nomination of Master’s Committee


Department Registration Processes

Senior Seminar Registration Process

Internship (JS 181) Registration Process

Course Repeat Registration Process


University Academic Forms

Academic forms, which are found at the Office of the Registrar’s webpage, include Change of Major/minor, Course Substitution, University Graduation Application, Late Registration, Undergraduate Petitions and more.  

Office of the Registrar Academic Forms