Scholarship Opportunities

The Justice Studies Department Proudly Announces the 2019 Scholarship Competition Honoring Prominent Persons Associated with the Department:

  • Shelby B. Brewer Memorial Scholarship [PDF]
  • Kristofer Boaz Claspill Memorial Scholarship [PDF]
  • Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship [PDF]
  • Paula Stone Hubbell Memorial Scholarship [PDF]
  • Daniel P. Lomio Memorial Scholarship [PDF]
  • Willard "Huck" Schmidt Memorial Scholarship [PDF]
  • J. Edgar Hoover Foundation Leadership Scholarship [PDF]
  • California Association of Criminalists Reed McLaughlin Endowment [PDF]
  • Theresa Edel Memorial Scholarship [PDF]

These scholarships, worth $1,000 to $6000, are available to undergraduate and graduate students in Justice Studies—over $25,000 in scholarships!  Students may apply for more than one scholarship.

How to Submit Applications:

Submit a paper and an electronic copy of the Justice Studies Scholarship Application Form and required documents.

  1. Review the Justice Studies Department Scholarship Instructions form first! Every scholarship has different requirements so reading this form is very important.
  2. Drop off a paper copy at the Justice Studies Department, MacQuarrie Hall 524, by 5:00 PM, Monday May 6th, 2019.  
  3. Email the same materials by midnight,  Monday May 6th, 2019 to Scholarship Chair Jan Hagemann, at




(Previous Recipients are Here)

Theresa Edel Memorial Scholarship [PDF]

2018 Recipient: Luana LunaLuana

Graduation date: December 2019

Career plans: After graduation, I plan to start my career as a criminalist or get my foot in the door in the field of Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation in the Bay area or Los Angeles County. After I have a few years’ experience I plan return to school to obtain a Master’s Degree. My ultimate goal is to become a qualified Forensic expert to testify in court.

I would like to express my gratitude to the donors, the family of Theresa Edel and the Justice Studies Scholarship Committee for this generous scholarship. This scholarship motivates me to keep up the hard work and will ease my financial burden. I will continue to work hard in school and be an active student in school organizations. Thank you so much again!

Shelby B. Brewer Memorial Scholarship [PDF]

Shelby Blair Brewer graduated from SJSU in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science

degree in Administration of Justice. Shelby spent her career in juvenile justice;

she was highly respected by colleagues for her hard work and knowledge.

After a brain tumor took her life on June 12, 2016, at age 37, her family

created this scholarship as a lasting tribute to her passion for serving

at-risk youth.

2018 Recipient: Vereniz Velasco

Graduation date: December 2018vereniz

Career plans: After graduation, I plan to continue my education and earn a Masters in Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming a probation officer. I want to continue to learn and find new ways to help children at risk. I also plan on creating programs that can help both children and their families overcome difficult times.

I want to thank the Brewer Family for their generous support to SJSU students. I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Shelby B. Brewer Scholarship. There are so many juveniles that do no have a support system and we need more people like Shelby to encourage our youth to become the best they can be. I am inspired by your confidence in me and will continue to work hard to achieve my career goals. This scholarship will help me reduce some financial stress and allow me to better focus on my studies.



California Association of Criminalists [PDF]

A. Reed & Virginia McLaughlin Endowment Scholarship 

Recipient: Kenya Thomas 

Expected graduation date: Spring 2017 

Career plans: My longtime passion for science has driven me to want to continue to expandKenya Thomas my knowledge in the forensic science field.  After completion of my Master’s in Forensic Sciences, I plan to have gained enough lab experience to become a Forensic Firearms Examiner.

I want to thank the CAC Reed Endowment Foundation for awarding me this scholarship. I have never received a scholarship of this caliber and plan to cherish it for a lifetime. This financial assistance will allow for me to focus more on my current research, the modification of rapid DNA. In addition to escalating my confidence level, this honor has made me realize that anything is possible. Thank You!



Recipient: Eric Yu

Expected Graduation date: Spring 2017

Career plans: Following my graduation from San José State University,

Eric YuI will be moving to Scotland this fall to pursue my Master’s degree in Forensic Science. My plan is to work as a Forensic DNA analyst in a county crime lab to gain more experience before going back to school to earn a PhD. My ultimate goal is to teach and continue my research in academia.

I would like to thank the funders of the CAC Reed McLaughlin Endowment for giving me this opportunity. Receiving this scholarship award will enable me to acquire new lab skills as I conduct my research in Rapid DNA as well as public speaking skills when I present it at conferences this summer. I am truly honored to receive this scholarship and appreciate their investment in San José State University and future analysts like me.



Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship [PDF


2018 Recipient Name: Kenneth Banuelos

Date of graduation: Fall 2018

I would humbly like to express my sincerest gratitude to the family, friends, and donors of banthe Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship for investing in me and my future endeavors. I am honored to be the recipient of such a generous scholarship, which will enable me to focus on my goal of becoming  a public servant through a profession in law enforcement. As a recipient of this honor, I promise to live up to Officer Fontana’s legacy which has set a positive example for future officers to emulate though his selfless sacrifice on duty. I intend to one day give back to future generations as this opportunity has done for me.


Kristofer Boaz Claspill Memorial Scholarship [PDF]


Recipient: Oscar J. Castillo

Expected graduation date: Spring 2019

Career plans: Upon my graduation from San Jose State University in Spring 2019, my objective is to pursue a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigations. As a member of the  FBI, I intend to serve the community by providing superior forensic science work in a crime lab at such a prestigious agency, so that justice can be served.oscar

I want to express my most profound appreciation to the Claspill family for their contributions to the Kristofer Claspill Memorial Scholarship. In being selected as the Justice Studies Department recipient of this year’s scholarship, it is not only an honor but also very humbling as a student. The financial assistance will help me strive to reach my goals and motivate me to commemorate the memory of Kristofer Boaz Claspill. I am incredibly grateful for such an astonishing award and this aid. Thank you so much!




 Paula Stone Hubbell Memorial Scholarship [PDF]


2018 Recipient: Sarah Cassidy

Expected date of graduation: May 2019

I am a second year Graduate student working towards achieving my Masters of Arts in sarahcassidyGlobal Criminology. I’m from Catalina Island, a small island with a tight knit community which instilled in me the value of caring for other people. I received my Bachelor of Arts at San Francisco State University in Criminal Justice and spent my undergraduate career mentoring incarcerated juveniles.  Mentoring these youth inspired me to become an advocate and provide a support system for them to achieve their true potential. I hope that one day I can help influence the system so that it motivates others to help these juveniles rather than labels them as juvenile delinquents.

The Paula Stone Hubbell Scholarship will help me achieve my goal of learning more about how we can enhance our juvenile justice system. I am extremely honored to be selected for the Paula Stone Hubbell scholarship and grateful that I have been given the opportunity to continue my education at a school that nurtures  my passion for juvenile justice.


Daniel P. Lomio Memorial Scholarship [PDF]


2018 Recipient: Jada Dessaure

Expected graduation date: Summer 2019jada

After graduation, I plan on furthering my education in the field through the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Justice Studies or a Juris Doctorate froman accredited university. I will continue to work as Deputy Sheriff in the courseof pursuing my education. As a recruiter for my agency, I will continue toembody compassion coupled with my advanced knowledge to attract admirable talent to the field of law enforcement.

I am honored to be selected as the 2018 recipient of the Daniel P. LomioScholarship. I would like to thank the family and friends of Daniel P. Lomio forsupporting and believing in higher education in the field of Justice Studies. Thisscholarship will enable me to focus on completing the graduate program in the Summer of 2019 and will enhance my candidacy for a doctorate program.


2018 Recipient:  Rosa Lopezrosalopez

Date of graduation: Fall 2018

Upon graduation, I plan to go to attend UC Davis or Virginia Commonwealth University for my Master’s in forensic science.  Upon completing my Masters, I plan to become a criminalist or a forensic scientist for the F.B.I. My interest in a criminal justice career began as most people’s have, by watching television shows (which I know now are not entirely accurate!) about solving crimes; I thought it looked like the coolest thing to do.  After high school, I knew I wanted to do something in the justice field so I began at my local community college studying administration of justice where I received my A.S. degree. My first semester there I took a basic forensic science course, and I recall being completely fascinated with the techniques that are used to solve crimes. One technique that I remember that reassured me I was on the right career path was learning about how specialized forensic scientists can determine where a shooter was in relation to the victim by using trigonometry—my mind was blown! My interest evolved as I began taking more science courses, namely chemistry-- I found the topics we were learning and the labs we were doing to be completely interesting to me and I wanted to combine that with the justice courses I was taking, this lead me to forensic chemistry where I was able to incorporate all of my academic interests and enjoy everything I was able to learn. Not only is this an interesting field, it’s also vital to solving criminal cases and creating a form of justice for those wronged and those who have done wrong.

This scholarship will help make my final semester at San Jose State and transition into graduate school much smoother. I plan use the funds to join professional organizations such as The American Academy of Forensic Sciences, American Chemical Society and California Academy of Criminalistics which require membership fees as well as cover payments to attend any conferences they are holding.  Joining these professional organizations and attending meetings will help me make valuable connections with others in my field and potential employers.

It is a tremendous honor to be awarded this scholarship in remembrance of Daniel P. Lomio and his great contributions to his community.  I intend to contribute to the community and country myself by doing my part in fostering justice.


Willard “Huck” Schmidt Memorial Scholarship [PDF]

2018 Recipient:  Rupinder Kaur

Expected graduation date: Spring 2019rupinder

Career plans: Upon graduation, I plan to attend law school, and working on becoming a criminal lawyer in the near future.

I would like to thank the Willard “Huck” Schmidt family for awarding me this scholarship. This scholarship will help further my studies and allow me to focus on my studies. I will be able focus my time and energy on school activities and school work.



2018 Recipient: Lisa Beaulieu

Graduation date: May 2019

lisaCareer plans:  I currently work in Human Resources for the City of Mountain View and have the opportunity to support the Mountain View Police Department in their recruiting efforts for sworn and non-sworn personnel. This has given me another perspective on the field of law enforcement and I continue to enjoy working with the department to attain the strongest candidates. With a master's degree in Criminology, my long-term career goal is to transition to a position more directly supporting a public safety agency, such as in the capacity of crime analyst or something similar.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies from San José State University in 2008, I am honored to again be a part of a department dedicated to worldwide justice as a graduate student of the Criminology program. I was drawn to this field of study early on in my college career, thanks to the Introduction to Justice Studies course and my overall passion for making a larger community impact. Receiving the Willard “Huck” Schmidt Memorial Scholarship means that I can continue to work towards my anticipated graduation date, May 2019. In addition, I will continue to work toward my long-term career goal of supporting a public safety agency in a civilian role. I thank Mr. Schmidt for his early work at The Police School and I thank his family and friends for this scholarship opportunity!



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