Scholarship Opportunities

The Justice Studies Department is proud to announce the 2014 Scholarship Competition honoring distinguished alumni and friends of Justice Studies:


  • Kristofer Boaz Claspill Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

2014 Recipient - Felicia Segura
Expected graduation date: Spring 2015
Career plans: I plan on going to the police academy in July of 2015. I want to do patrol for a year or two, get assigned to SWAT or detective work, and ultimately work for the FBI.

Not only is this scholarship going to help me graduate on time, but it is also going to help me land my dream job a lot sooner than I thought! By graduating on time, I get to go to the next police academy!


  • Theresa Edel Memorial Scholarship [pdf]


  • Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

2014 Recipient - Alejandra Ibarra
Expected graduation date: Spring 2016
Career plans: Upon graduation, my goal is to work for the Watsonville Police Department as a police officer. My overall life goal is to one day work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, to bring justice to children who have been victims of crimes. 


I would like to thank the Officer Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship Donors for giving me the honor of being the 2014-2015 scholarship recipient. By awarding me the Officer Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship, you have not only supported me financially, but you have also demonstrated faith in my abilities to contribute to society, and that means the world to me. Because of this generous gift, I will have the privilege to pursue my Master's Degree this Fall 2014 and be one step closer to reaching my career goals. Words cannot express how appreciative I am for your generosity and support. Thank you!


  • Paula Stone Hubbell Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

2014 Recipient - Ernest Chavez
Expected graduation date: Spring 2015
Career plans: I plan to pursue a PhD program and eventually teach and write.

I am extremely privileged for receiving this award. For many of us, financial awards like this one 'make or break' our ability to pursue higher education. The spirit of this award is about making higher education possible for anyone who wants to learn - and let us hope that’s what the future of education looks like.


  • Daniel P. Lomio Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

2014 Recipient - Shawna Germain
Expected graduation date: Spring 2015
Career plans: I plan to pursue a career in administration of justice with an emphasis in criminal psychology using the foundation of forensic science and the study of human behavior.

This scholarship is helping me finance my undergraduate studies so that I may continue my education after graduation in pursuit of a graduate degree.


  • Willard "Huck" Schmidt Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

2014 Recipient - Madysen Gardner
Expected graduation date: Spring 2015
Career plans: I plan to work in the field of digital forensics.

Winning the Willard "Huck" Schmidt scholarship will aid me in furthering my knowledge in the field of Justice Studies, which will allow me to give back to the community using the knowledge that I have obtained.


  • Gene Simpson & Gordon Silva Scholarship for Intercollegiate Athletes [pdf]


  • California Association of Criminalists (CAC) McLaughlin Endowment [pdf]

2014 Recipient - Nikki Roda
Expected graduation date: December 2014
Career Plans: I plan on pursuing a career in research in the forensic science field to develop, evaluate, validate and conduct casework using more efficient and potentially more informative analytical methods.

Winning this scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies, reduce the hours I need to work every week to make ends meet, as well as give me the opportunity to present research and conduct more research during the school year.


Scholarship Criteria

Over $25,000 in scholarships will be awarded this year. Individual scholarships of up to $5000 are available to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Justice Studies. Eligibility and application requirements vary for each scholarship. Students may apply for up to three scholarships for which they are eligible. It is the responsibility of the applicant to have all application materials submitted by the deadline, April 4, 2014 (April 1 for CAC Scholarship). Preference will be given to applicants who have not received a scholarship from the JS department in prior years. 

The 2014 Scholarship application packet must include:

    • Justice Studies Scholarship Application Checklist [pdf, users are advised to download and open using a pdf program, not the web browser].
    • Unofficial copy of transcripts. 
    • Separate statement of 300 - 500 words for each scholarship.
      • Describe the experiences that motivated you to pursue a justice-related career.
      • Explain or describe how the specific scholarship(s) will contribute to your academic success and professional goals.
      • Identify and describe any volunteer work, internship, or other work experience in the criminal or juvenile justice field, or forensic science. If applying for the Paula Stone Hubbell Scholarship, you must include experience in the juvenile justice field.
    • One of your original, recent, graded, individual research papers or projects.
    • JS Faculty references (see criteria for specific scholarship).
      • For the Paula Stone Hubbell Scholarship, submit both JS Faculty reference and one letter from a professional in the justice field.
      • For either CAC Reed McLaughlin Endowment Scholarships, submit two (2) references.

The application checklist and all application materials must be submitted before April 4, 2014, 5:00 PM (April 1 for CAC Scholarship).  The committee will not consider incomplete applications. Send applications to:

Justice Studies Department
Attn: Janet Hagemann, Scholarship Committee
MacQuarrie Hall, Room 524
One Washington Square
San José State University
San José, CA 95192

Scholarship winners are required to write letters of appreciation to donors and attend any recognition events.

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