Summer 2016

The semester’s schedule is listed below. Click on the course link to download the associated syllabus in PDF format. If the course number is not linked, the instructor has not provided a syllabus to the Department. For these courses, please contact the instructor directly.

Subject Cat # Session Instructor PDF            
FS 11 1 Mary Juno [PDF]
JS  100W 10-week Hal Peterson [PDF]
JS 101 1 Dina Kameda [PDF]
JS 101 2 Alessandro De Giorgi [PDF]
JS 114 1 Chris Hebert [PDF]
JS 121 1 Susie Rivera [PDF]
JS 122 1 William Armaline [PDF]
JS 132 2 Alessandro De Giorgi [PDF]
JS 141 1 Margaret (Peggy) Stevenson [PDF]
JS 151 1 Chris Hebert [PDF]
JS 151 2 Jackye McClure [PDF]
JS 152 2 James Lee [PDF]
JS 171 1 William Armaline [PDF]
JS 181 10-week Steve Lee [PDF]
JS 189 2 Alessandro De Girogi [PDF]
JS 189 10-week William Armaline [PDF]
JS 298 10-week Veronica Herrera [PDF]