The term's schedule is listed below. Click on the course link to download the associated syllabus in PDF format. If the course number is not linked, the instructor has not provided a syllabus to the Department. For these courses, please contact the instructor directly. 

Subject CAT # Session Instructor PDF
JS 12 1 Greg Woods [PDF]
JS 15 Online Wilson Yuan [PDF]
JS  25 Online Roni Abusaad [PDF]
JS 100W Online Michael Vallerga [PDF]
JS 101 Online Sang Kil [PDF]
JS 102 1 Greg Woods [PDF]
JS 103 Online Harold W. Peterson [PDF]
JS 107 Online Susie M. Rivera [PDF]
JS  114 Online Wilson Yuan [PDF]
JS 123 Online Sambuddha Ghatak [PDF]
JS 132  1 Kevin Lynch [PDF]
JS 132  Online Amber Colbert [PDF]
JS 136  1 Dina M. Kameda [PDF]
JS 151 Online Ericka Adams [PDF]
JS 155 Online Sheree Martinek [PDF]
JS 171 Online Sang Kil  [PDF]
JS 171 Online Elizabeth Tejada  [PDF]
JS 189  1 Dina M. Kameda [PDF]
JS 267 Online  Halima Kazem-Stojanovic [PDF]
JS 270 Online Sambuddha Ghatak [PDF]
FS 11 Online Mary Juno [PDF]
FS 162  1 & 2 Shawna Bolton  [PDF]