Winter 2019

The semester’s schedule is listed below. Click on the course link to download the associated syllabus in PDF format. If the course number is not linked, the instructor has not provided a syllabus to the Department. For these courses, please contact the instructor directly.


Cat #





JS 10   1 Greg Woods [PDF]
JS 101   Online Dina Kameda [PDF]
JS 102   Online  Jackson Sargent [PDF]
JS 103   Online Hal Peterson [PDF]
JS 107   Online Amber Colbert [PDF]
JS 114   Online Sam Ghatak [PDF]
JS 132   1 Kevin Lynch [PDF]
JS 136   Online Sheree Martinek [PDF]
JS 150   Online Halima Kazem-Stojanovic [PDF]
JS  152   Online Susie Rivera [PDF]
JS 161   Online Bryce Westlake [PDF]
JS 171   Online Elizabeth Tejada [PDF]
JS  181   17 James Lee [PDF]