Danielle Harris, Ph.D.


Associate Professor 

Ph.D., Griffith University, Australia

MacQuarrie Hall 525


Email: danielle.harris@sjsu.edu

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Danielle Arlanda Harris is an Associate Professor in the Department of Justice Studies at San Jose State University and the Director of Research for The Art of Yoga Project. She received her doctorate in Criminology in 2008 from Griffith University, Australia. Prior to that, she completed a Masters degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice (University of Maryland) (2004) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies (Queensland University of Technology; University of Westminster) (1999). She has published widely and presented at numerous international conferences. Her research interests include many aspects of sexual offending over the life course: specialization and versatility; the criminal career paradigm; desistance, and related public policy. She received a prestigious grant from the Harry T Frank Guggenheim Foundation for an extensive follow-up study of civilly committed sex offenders in Massachusetts and was recently awarded a grant from the California Sex Offender Management Board to conduct a statewide survey of sex offenders on community supervision.


Selected Publications

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