Danielle Harris, Ph.D.


Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator

Ph.D., Griffith University, Australia

MacQuarrie Hall 525


Email: danielle.harris@sjsu.edu

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Professor Bio

Danielle A Harris received her doctorate in Criminology in 2008 from Griffith University, Australia. Prior to that, she completed a Masters degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland (College Park) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies (with Honors) at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane and the University of Westminster, London. Her research interests include many aspects of sexual offending: specialization and versatility; the criminal career paradigm; desistance; female sexual offending; and related public policy. Dr Harris is the Director of Research for the Art of Yoga Project, a nonprofit organization that provides a yoga and creative arts curriculum to girls in custody. She is also actively involved in the SJSU Record Clearance Project. When she is not grading or writing, she enjoys travel, theatre, and sleep.

Research and Teaching Interests

Sexual offending and aggression; developmental and life course criminology; the criminal career paradigm; desistance; public policy; female criminality; criminological theory; sexuality and justice.

Selected Publications

Harris, D. A., Knight, R. A., Dennison, S., Smallbone, S. (2011). Post release specialization and versatility in sexual offenders referred for civil commitment, Sexual Abuse: a Journal of Research and Treatment, 23(2), 243-259.

Harris, D. A. & Fitton, M. L. (2010). The art of yoga project: a yoga and creative arts curriculum for girls in custody, International Journal of Yoga Therapy.

Harris, D. A. (2010) “Theories of Female Sexual Offending”. In T.R. Gannon, & F. Cortoni, Female Sexual Offenders, London: Wiley and Sons.

Harris, D. A., Mazerolle, P., & Knight, R. A. (2009). Understanding male sexual offending: A comparison of general and specialist theories, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 36(10), 1051-1069.

Harris, D. A., Smallbone, S., Dennison S., & Knight, R. A. (2009). Specialization and versatility in sexual offenders referred for civil commitment, Journal of Criminal Justice, 37, 37-44.

Schatzel-Murphy, E. A., Harris, D. A., Knight, R. A., Milburn, M. A. (2009). Sexual coercion in men and women: similar behaviors, different predictors, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 38, 974-986.